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                           The Non-usual-Non-romantic Story !






My Relation to Men ! english, Serie Band 1-6


My plant to grow in winter. My eyes to see summer sun.

My Isle of whales to swim. My relations to Men...


In six english books as serie, and in seven german books as well !


1 ) Three Past Nine Moonshines !

2 ) Way & Path

3 ) Art of Life - Art to say "No"

4 ) Chicos Amor de Verdad ahora !

5 ) Huxley - long outdated !

6 ) Terravada - Option Humor !







Three Past Nine - Moonshines!

Way and Path - New Adult !

Art of Life-Art to Say"No"

Huxley long outdated ! Access versus North-North West !

¡Chicos, Amor de verdad ahora!

Terravada - Freedom



Ask the Jellyfish ! "About Marriage"

Seen with Him a Big Bird ! "Mikrofiltration Emanzipation"



SAMSAARA ! Careful with the Dating Trap !


My Dog "Mable"

Four books of Healing:

1)The Crow-Winged Dog"Shadows"

2)All Children matter "Mirrors"

3)Wise Books "Dreams"

4)Wise Books "Visions"

Is piracy a new necessity ?


Heike's HAIKUS Poetry

Company in the Moon!


European Cooking ABC/german


Ehrlichkeit wähnt am Längsten ! Longtext
Directions to Future Days     

I am a Clairvoyant ! Socialwork

Way to Childhood                 


Private books :

Traumpfade Hugs


Vän Dan 1

Vän Dan 2

Vän Dan 3

Vän Dan 4

Vän Dan 5

Vän Dan 6

Vän Dan 7


My novels

1 Autum Leaves Sun & Shingle   

2 Friend of the mountains           

3 She is my Ebony and Ivory      

4 Elves Land of Tingling Necks    

5 Fly ! Sweet Bird Fly !               

6 New Land around the Lakes    

7 Lilleby Blues                             

8 Dancing Star                             

9 Moonchild - Three past Nine     

10 From "Cat-Hound"                   

11 Love is the Winner

12 The Hour before we knew each other

13 Your voice - to the Bottom of the Earth



Universe takes place in my pocket 

Sea Feathered Leave                      


Smalltalk to New York       

Little Wolf

I     On the search               

II   Fear without speech           

III  We are all on the run         

IV  Driven by Invisible whip

V    Raising thoughts

VI  Back on my own


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Dating Trap !
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Online Bookstore
Samsaara ! Careful with the Dating Trap !


SAMSAARA ! Careful with the Dating Trap !



englisch  /2024


20,99 €



Expression and enthusiasm, which helpf far more than the dazzling appearance of a round nothing ! I am an atheist, but also European. This means that I have the right and freedom to choose my affiliation, regardless of wether it is religion, politics or sexuality. Anyone who doesn't want to accept it has no place in Europe. The soloinstrument aside the chorus is important, too. How will a person get to know himself, and feel balanced and enfold in self storage ? The main reason, never trust misogynist online. These cause triggers, nightmare, fears, depressions, and give women pressure, at least leave them angry about that, they abuse Ki to their tricks.


We must be good, but fair, not underestimate or be stupid, we cannot be perfect, but we humans all did once use anti-holding or negative deeds. The most important to try to become better and be good people. Wouldn't this be better as city dwellers to read attentive the news ?


Soon available !


ISBN , Paperback, 180 Seiten


Bald auch als E-Book erhältlich, zum Preis von 9,99 € !





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Loyality !    Available NEW !



englisch  /2024


19,99 €


It could be lived out there,

irrevocable and totalitarian that the people there

no longer the breath of freedom

you could see under a tree branch....

where that man there enjoys so much freedom,

his wives in every possible way

to steal the illusion of love,

that afterwards it should only dissolve before their eyes.

Can the American be that stupid ?

even the cowboy macho posturing in his passion

to give up with a totalitarian way ?


The illusion that is not complete,

the woman sends her daughter to learn the massage.

Intention that the family gives her the wrong reputation.

The illusion that finds no truth.

 The illusion of being seen as unseen or innocent,

the woman fluffs herself with strange feathers.

Her future husband had the last name "Hunter",

as if it was a coincidence, and her attacks, take place.

The illusion that law and justice exist here...

but only on the side of her victim,

and the royal children did not always find their rights,

but felt treated unfairly, because victim luckily escaped in time,

and unpacked with the whole truth.



ISBN 978-3-7597-2135-8, Paperback, 180 Seiten


Auch als E-Book erhältlich !


ISBN 978-3-7597-4005-2 , zum Preis von 9,99 € !





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20,99 €


SISTER WOLF ! No more graving !



Letting go is a test.


Longing makes all things bloom,


possession drags all things into the dust.


With my eyes on nothing,


will they even have to see that it is unimportant


and they embraced my silence, that nothing is real.




"We can turn things around,


even if we see our own shadows, who uphold this principle.


It's not just about possessions.


Let's change our inner perspective. “


- Jirokana -




ISBN 978-3-7597-0601-0, Paperback, 180 Seiten


Auch als E-Book erhältlich !


ISBN 978-3-7597-7217-6, zum Preis von 9,99 € !



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Seen With Him A Big Bird !

20,99 €


Seen With Him A Big Bird ! -


Mikrofiltration - Emanzipation


Only the servant is honored, whatever is good in the marketplace, but far from the divine, he doesn't believe in that. Will probably soon become city dwellers actually look in the newspaper? Will they possibly understand European politics spoken in English?


From the small dog upwards, would they perhaps start to see the situation of the children? The warm bed could be exchanged and the bang head next door granting the opportunity, to put the argument aside? For a united Europe. One party doesn't decide who is German, that's what the basic law does, also in the future ! You've got to know all and find the interest, in order to belong to Europe.


This is a big reason, never TRUST in misogynist Tryings online, causing women's triggers, nightmares, fears, depressions, and give them pressure, even press their money and savings for a phantom they meet. That one asit with the whiskyglas in his hands, and gratulated the next hobby or escort-lady for the naive person's sum, leave them in rage alone, and know so much about them, that KI abused for better future tricks and gaining its power with it.


ISBN 978-3-7583-6631-4, Paperback, 180 Seiten


Auch als E-Book erhältlich !


ISBN 978-3-7583-4797-9, zum Preis von 9,99 € !





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Ask the Jellyfish ! About Marriage !


Ask the Jellyfish - about Marriage !




20,99 €


The solo instrument in addition to the choir is also important. How else does a person want to get to know each other if they do not see themselves as equals to other people and begin to develop independently?


And we must be good but fair, not submissive or stupid, although we ourselves will never be perfect, we humans are like that and at some point in our lives we have applied anti-values or negative skills, the most important thing is that we try to be ourselves to improve and be good. It all depends on how much you believe in yourself to constantly keep them at a distance. Better try to learn from some mistakes we all make. And not to help those who have never felt what love is, because they take their negativity not to thank you, but to harm you for the help you gave.



ISBN 978-3-7583-2669-1, Paperback, 180 Seiten


Auch als E-Book erhältlich !


ISBN 978-3-7583-5255-3 , zum Preis von 9,99 € !




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Terravada - Freedom, english


20,99 €



TERRAVADA - Option Humor




I remember one thing. I knew it as a child so I shouldn't be seen as evil. The roots of naked culture lie in naturopathy. Nudity in the collective... is a special space for living in freedom. Physical liberation teaches you to accept yourself. Personal hygiene in the fresh air is completely apolitical from childhood onwards.


Pregnancy news: Experts warning, now people love more the tiny piglets.


It's definitely better to be a square something than a round nothing. - Friedrich Hebbel !


I am an atheist, but also European. This means that I have the right and freedom to choose my affiliation, regardless of wether it is religion, politics or sexuality. Anyone who doesn't want to accept it has no place in Europe.


ISBN 978-3-7583-1936-5, Paperback, 164 Seiten


Auch als E-book erhältlich !


ISBN 978-3-7583-9067-8, zum Preis von 9,99 € !




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Leute, echte Liebe jetzt! ¡Chicos, Amor de verdad ahora!english Version


¡Chicos, Amor de verdad ahora!


- Leute, echte Liebe jetzt ! -





20,99 €


Themes - Sociocultural problems, Democracy, Management mechanisms, Equal rights, Future education


Why should this my life be a beginning or an end when nothing is a beginning or an end. Why not just a sequel, which has been preceded by countless similar things and will be followed by countless similar things. Loneliness simply means having a human destiny. The world is knitted like a carpet, soulful, with the color of the earth. Lost blood of history. Blindness bound his dull hands! Human intelligence through your own philosophy.


¡Chicos, Amor de verdad ahora! - Leute, echte Liebe jetzt !


ISBN 978-3-7583-0413-2, Paperback, 164 Seiten


Auch als E-Book erhältlich !


ISBN 978-3-7583-7945-1, zum Preis von 9,99 € !





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Huxley - long outdated !


Huxley - long outdated !

Access versus North - North West !



englisch  /2023


19,99 €


Part of good sex...not a fair amount of self - image. Could that also mean A penis is not a must. When the dominance is not played afterwards regrets, the small tough boy is not fullfilled, that small boy Fucked Her and gave her a slap on her shoulder, the Neanderthal had done well, hasn't he ? The friend to hug don't want to bid as if they felt insecure within themselves, felt no birthright, withdrawn too self-absorbed, too castrated and unfulfilled, intimidated, Mother related, complex loaded therefore just let the bad boy hang out ?


Isn't it rather man's strength ? in having the ability to that he admits weakness ? When dominance is not played, he regretted afterwards. The little tough boy is not fulfilled. This little boy fucked her, and gave her a slap on the shoulder. The Neanderthals had done well, not true ? This is absolute masculinity, perhaps poorly copied from the feeling man with the gun, from the Army of the Gay Brothers, destroyed the women in front of them to destroy the honor of a country's enemy ?



ISBN 978-3-7578-8602-8, Paperback, 164 Seiten


Auch als E-Book erhältlich !


ISBN 978-3-7583-7735-8, zum Preis von 9,99 €





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Art of Life - Magick of Youth - Art to Say "No"


Art of Life - Magick of Youth -

Art to Say - "No" !




20,99 €


I've at least recognized my roots, learned a lot about it, and passed it on to others.


But so many with the own story always run and hide, rush and let fall, till the very edge that all around said, now there should be seen that point, that nothing works any more and better make a change or turn or hold.


Do you first reject a marriage proposal to whom love is of no use?


Good words are many. But in Love the Price is high !

I say, to trust in his religious triggers from his life. Then I would be the actress in his own little film just like a plant in a pott, and be the woman to show for the others on party, but abused in privacy. Let me find the extraordinary in the ordinary and excitement in the routine, and other mean values welcome.' Look under the branches for what you would only find in the roots! Emotions are memories. Tomorrow begins the adventure of life. Starts today, Now !


ISBN 978-3-7578-5959-6, Paperback, 164 Seiten


Auch als E-Book erhältlich !


ISBN 978-3-7578-8519-9, zum Preis von 9,99 € !







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Way and Path


Way and Path !


englisch  /2023


23,99 €


Unterbewusstein - Eintritt - Reale Praxis


We must teach our children for the future to use adulthood in proper practice. For their protection, to learn quickly how to actually apply the entry to the subconscious in such a way that they do not fall into discouragement and depression. So that the youth can survive the fast-moving future mentally.



ISBN 978-3-7578-0804-4, Paperback, 164 Seiten


Auch als E-Book erhältlich !


ISBN 978-3-7578-4918-4, zum Preis von 9,49 € !






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Three past Nine - Moonshines


Three past Nine - Moonshines !




19,99 €


Stop self-deception.

And bring your own smell.

If you only want me, then I only smell for you.

I'm a horny bunny in your nose.

I smell your face.

'Causse I know you only wantme.

That's not gross.


Nothing in nature lives by itself.

Rivers don't drink their own water.

Trees do not eat their own fruit.

The sun doesn't shine for itself.

A floral scent is nothint in itself.

Living for each other is the rule of nature

be good to each other.


ISBN 978-3-7543-6092-7, Paperback, 160 Seiten


Auch als E-Book erhältlich !


ISBN 978-3-7562-4897-1, zum Preis von 9,99 € !




Privat Buch, englisch
Traumpfade - Hugs, Heike Thieme
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Direction to Future Days !


19,99 €


Directions - Future Days


It cannot be ignored. In the future, all people will have to rethink. You can improvise.

If something breaks, it will be repaired. Things that hardly get any attention today.

It only requires a little manual skill and that is learnable. Still, it starts with ourselves.

It starts with ourselves in the head and ends there.
My motto is simple, live and let live.


ISBN 978-3-7504-5121-6, Paperback, 112 Seiten





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Your voice from the Bottom of the Earth !


Your Voice from the Bottom

of the Earth !


One World - One Family


english novel


19,99 €


The book describes a philosophical journey to Morocco and back by bicycle. The world will keep turning even if humans remain the biggest consumer of everything, but we still fail to make it our own paradise. We, as humans in the flesh, hunger for more and are rapidly consuming the earth, which is supposed to be eating up our own paradise. My social etiquette, helping the elderly, working with people with disabilities and my brilliant son, in horse stables, hotel kitchens, housekeeping, harvesting and sometimes cooking for starving people.


ISBN 978-3-7322-3307-6, Paperback, 124 Seiten


Auch als E-Book erhältlich !


ISBN 978-3-7568-9493-2, zum Preis von 9,49 € !





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Ehrlichkeit wähnt am Längsten !



Ehrlichkeit wähnt am Längsten !


deutsch/ englisch    Maxi Size !


23,99 €



Es ist kurz G...O...D... wie das Symbol für viel wertvollere Glaubenssätze und Individualität, ich meine, es gäbe viel mehr Dinge in guten Glaubenssätzen zu finden, wenn die Menschen es selbst durch Erfahrung finden würden, und Weisheit und Kommunikation und Vertrauen in den Weg, den man gehen muss, den Weg, den man finden muss, die Phase, in der man leben muss, das Alter, das man erreichen muss, die Kinder, die ein reifes Wesen bilden sollen, die Empathie und das Vertrauen in sie.


Ein unbekannter Schöpfer von allem, was nicht in Frage gestellt werden kann. Ja, das ist besser gesagt, selbst niemand konnte beweisen, dass es Engel wirklich gibt. Aber es muss ihnen Spaß machen, die Bibel zu schreiben, sie haben sie wirklich in der naiven Überzeugung geschrieben, Weisheit und Philosophie in kurzen Worten zusammenzufassen, aber für dumme Leute ist das wie Comic und Kaugummi.


Kein Problem, wenn jemand glauben will, dass er nicht weiß, in was er überhaupt nicht Fuß fassen kann. Klare Weisheit ist überall auf der Welt zu finden.


'Lass mich Außergewöhnliches im Alltäglichen finden, Besonderes im Üblichen und Aufregung in Routine, und andere Mittelwerte willkommen.' Suchen Sie unter den Zweigen,was Sie nur in den Wurzeln entdecken würden! Emotionen sind Erinnerungen.Morgen beginnt das Abenteuer des Lebens. Beginnt heute, jetzt !



ISBN 978-3-7578-2190-6, Paperback, 72 Seiten, Maxi Format


Auch als E-Book erhältlich !


ISBN 978-3-7578-4283-3, zum Preis von 9,49 € !





Liebesflucht - Love Exit - Flying Love !


I have my lust, the gift comes from my body.

I set my own goals.

I know how to change, it's not about me,

to let myself be socially absorbed

and undergo a partnership by mutual agreement,

just because they asked me to,

so I can sleep better,

not to live in fear and insecurity,

to stand in love as abandoned.


In reality, people have not sunk

as deep as we fear.

They just never got as high

as we thought they were.




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Company in the Moon


Company in the Moon !

Dignity-Trust-Wonder !




23,99 €


It's been years, my young years are tingling in my veins,
Drove miles to the damn south, a star to guide me
went to meet them with red hair, a red beetle on my nose, children's music, shaggy dogs, old mill, strong smells, cold kitchen, in the circle of trees, lavender, my little greyhound seems free, that my life is balanced today, can one I'm not planning anything big today and there are no beans flying today, clouds outside, it's very cold and not really windy. The so-called typical German weather, so a reasonable day.

A auspicious day for LOVE!
My sisterhood queen.
I am not strong. But I've learned
me in trouble of life to oppose.
Am I going to the wrong man?
To look forward to in the evening
then I tell him who is afraid when a salmon eats soy.
But you are weak, am I looking for the Old ?
I'm looking for a strong man
who stands by my side.



ISBN 978-3-7543-1622-2, Paperback, 292 Seiten


Auch als E-Book erhältlich !


ISBN 978-3-7568-7473-7, zum Preis von 9,49 € !




Private Reciepes
Private Cooking ABC
Meine Bücher
Talk and poetry - vän Dan 1 - 3


Talk and poetry in English


till vän Dan !



Meine Bücher
Talk and poetry - vän Dan 4 - 6
Meine Bücher
Talk and poetry to Dan 1 - 7


The Crow-Winged Dog   Book of Healing

The Book of Mirrors       Book of Clearing

The Book of Dreams      Book of Wisdom

The Book of Visions       Book of Wisdom


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Wise Books 1-2
Online Bookstore
Wise Books 3-4
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The Crow-Winged Dog, "Book of Shadows"



The Crow-Winged Dog !


"Book of Shadows!




23,99 €



The Crow-Winged Dog, a Book of Wisdom,

The Book of Shadows


Roaring beyond your life still harbors your knowlegde where your own pictures pile up, over the years the reason was missing between all the secrets to build a life, to better express it telling them how others go into their lives, who stretches out to find happiness in all simplicity to enjoy and to love her in the best way, the faces make soap dreams who call themselves the sun, goblins surrounded in jokes write your dreams that surround you, going to read between the lines, yields a lot more than maybe reading in every book to live a life towards the living pretend what you are better than imitating what can and never will be.


The year lifts its long beak over the village and slapstick.

The book of fables is open.

The bear is dancing in the light in its thick fur.

The dead carry the living and still feel no weight.

The takers are also the givers, and the riddle speaks.




ISBN 978-3-7543-1085-4, Paperback, 208 Seiten


Auch als E-Book erhältlich !


ISBN 978-3-7534-7555-4, zum Preis von 13,99 € !




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All Children matter ! "Book of Mirrors"


All Children matter !


"Book of Mirrors !"




23,99 €




In my sight this is a book for the rights of all Children in the World.

All Children matter ! That is my meaning as a Mother !


Loud protest, silent diplomacy.

Weighing up different conflicts of interest

to represent knowledge in this world,

make it visible to all,

but protected instead of taken away from others,

not to be relegated to other worlds,

what doesn’t belong to the wrong hands.

It is easy to act or to share happiness

and to decide things,

and undermine regularities,

and an angel who just plays the big girl,

the winners of a game bedded in madness.


I love Art. I dream a lot. It happened a lot. I saw much of life. Yes, that is not the truth, I know french ones male and female who do just call me "Mon Ami", they are good people, too, of course I am born in Art, my one grandfather as violin teachter from the East, and my other one as art painter from the West, so I have that music and the painting in my blood. I love that way my brain and memory, my fantasy do play those wiseness giving games with me. Life is wonderful. Like You are !


I am South North East West. I am part of all of it,

therefore they all do have problems in get to know me,

with the trust that usually all their friends do have,

but in telling me looking down on me like masters,

that they'd all know even much much better what's meant"Love"you know...




ISBN 978-3-7543-3467-6, Paperback, 100 Seiten


Auch als E-Book erhältlich !


ISBN 978-3-7543-8998-0, zum Preis von 9,49 € !





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Book of Dreams


Wise Books !


"Book of Dreams !"


englisch / german


23,99 €



Your message is to get a grip on life. To open the love in it. Follow the mountain. Always have a clear goal in mind. Standing on both legs. I've gained so much animal knowlegde all my life. I have visited many places. Later I had to dream to survive.


Child not your mother made the mistake, but those who consider themselves social, build low wages, cut pensions, private insurance, suppress the unemployed to the maximum and privatize everything, obstruct the future of a population and still laugh at their evil work. I love whirling dervishes. I love the beauty of the rare innocence. You don't need a crystal ball, don't fall on a wand.


Call me ! 2-2-8-1-0-9. Around seven with it dawns. You then feel so terribly left over. And pretty dazed. With his lonely whiskey. And the dull yellow rose. In the Swedish glass. And the evening chorus: What for ? What for ?


To be drawn by life in order to learn to draw life. That means finding a simple pair of moccasins in old buildings. Carrying you through the cold somewhere in a dark corner behind a cold stove and a cat purring for just one night.



ISBN 978-3-7557-3935-7, Paperback, 232 Seiten


Auch als E-Book erhältlich !


ISBN 978-3-7557-8838-6, zum Preis von 9,99 € !





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Book of Visions


Wise Books


"Book of Visions !"




23,99 €


I waited for the inspiration to my four Wise Books -

The Book of Shadow

The Book of Mirrors

The Book of Dreams

The Book of Visions


Friends were leading me when to start which book should be newly created, and with your guidance and help, the following be done ! I am now starting to connect the older with the newer dreams and my story about all those, sothat I might have an oversee of all. This is all in english.


Wake up and smile ! Because today can be a great day.


I am tired. That is that winter sun, and the whole damn long time waiting for spring, but we will just make some new snowmen, to all the corners of all our neighbours with compromising positions showing to their yard. This will make all start laughing.



ISBN 978-3-7557-5434-3, Paperback, 200 Seiten


 Auch als E-Book erhältlich !


ISBN 978-3-7557-6474-8, zum Preis von 9,99 € !




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Heike's Haikus - english


19,99 €


Heike's HAIKU's -

Japanese poetry in English


My heart on reception -

Spark of his rhythm '


Souls rise and fall, along the rocks, they feed the fields. At the bottom of the lake women's game. Enraged force, these behead the powers. Waves are like beings, to accompany them to the end and to wander away .... For each other pseudo-truths, animations, thoughts of the rest.

You can not always be in a good mood. You do not have to always be driven.


There is no such thing as happiness. But you can use the time, and you can do good,
otherwise the world collapses. Thoughts glide, true art, to stay on the surface.



ISBN 978-3-7481-6804-1, Paperback, 180 Seiten


Auch als E-Book erhältlich !


ISBN978-3-7481-1577-9, zum Preis von 9,99 €





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Is piracy a necessity ?


NEW...  Is piracy a necessity ?



 23,99 €


Way of autobiografy:

A good, direct, clear style of writing openness to bring in own world of experience, creative expression allows to participate experience and discovery,

offers a glimpse into future courage to venture into a different life direction.


If you want to know about that painting, that was my very first try to find the cover of a first book, and I only tried, witht that title "Bane Feathered Leave" like my first little tale.


I thought by this title of the whale, that I thought would be called in english bane, and the indian "feathered snake", that I gave feathers because in the Indian Medicine Circle I was the snake, and my feathers and seen things and dreams wanted to be seen as feathers at the head of the snake. Like the told me that I would prefer the evening time, the orange sun, and the beaver of April would be a strong friend, and the Western wind Mudjekeewis. But that was not all to much said, I found out in life it was important not to be fixed in one single idea, and people sometimes chose the animal they live in, and so to get to know the other animals all around the circle.


But I see now the real translation of Wal, is whale. I chose the word "Whale" like "Wal", almost spoken in our language like the sense of "Decision" in the word "Wahl" because I kept the motto never to do things in my life that wouldn't be my decision. And was myself, my animal, my spirit, and human behaviour in one, and not just a flying leave in the wind. I know that is a long description of a single painting.



ISBN 978-3-7534-4065-1, Hardcover, 200 Seiten


Auch als E-Book erhältlich !


ISBN 978-3-7534-5076-6, zum Preis von 9,99 €





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Way to Childhood


Way to Childhood





19,95 €


I think these words. I see a light strip in front of me. On closer inspection, it has the shape of a comet. The brightest end, the head, is childhood and growing up.

The core, the densest part, is childhood, the first period in which the most important features of our lives are determined. I try to remember, I try to penetrate this density.

I have grown, free from vanity and jewelery, fallen in the mature soul, a servant, so to speak, educated in art. Thanks for this life !



ISBN 978-3-7528-9803-3, Paperback, 124 Seiten


Auch als E-Book erhältlich !


ISBN 978-3-7528-5764-1, zum Preis von 9,49 €





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Mable... lovely to my beloved dog !




17,99 €



This is really lynx weather today. We came in now, and found contacts walking.

Air was good and dry, ways muddy. Was sympathical now to introduce.

To my friends "The Hour before we knew each other" that is talking abaout children from nowadays, here to talk about my dog.


This is my biggest wish of course, find the collected more to come with a book about Mable, a natural thing. Blessings from Heike Thieme.



ISBN 978-3-7534-0401-1, Hardcover, 128 Seiten


Auch als E-Book erhältlich !


ISBN 978-3-7534-3024-9,  zum Preis von 9,99 €





English -


Little Wolf I/II/III/IV/V/VI



In these six episodes in which is my conversation with America. It didn't continue to an endless story, because only in this is connected a holding I met, that there is never any American interest in me and I noticed it will never be.



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About my Love - Little Wolf I - V
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At least about love and other things


Little Wolf - The End


Englisch - About Love and other things



23,99 €



Sisterhood. And of course we do contact sometimes. This is very useful...

I know if I try to paint then I don't just paint, because these are painting that I have seen before in my mind. And if I meet Women then before that I have dreamed that I would meet them. And I dream because I have understood things. And of course I do show them who exist in real, because it is better not to fantasize without any background, but better understand reality...



ISBN 978-3-7519-1568-7, Paperback, 120 Seiten


Auch als E-Book erhältlich !


ISBN 978-3-7519-2628-7, zum Preis von 9,49 € !







I invite to Twelve English Novels !



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The Hour before we knew each other !


The Hour before we knew each other !


englisch - Childhood in 2020


17,99 €



The book shows how history changed in 2020 on the situation of children across Europe.


It is a school of life that we learn from one another. Our systems are invented in such a way that we should feel that they cannot be forced or changed, but just go on. In fact, the less imagination that people produce in their minds makes them vulnerable to the illusions of others. This material thought was widespread in our childhood.


They all copy some kind of "natural child" that they never were, but make themselves some kind of guy or lifestyle or special person so exciting that they get closer ... they are all fools and seem to be Be happy for yourself, but never become friends, they all want a deal with the fools, nothing else.



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The Universe takes place in my pocket



The Universe takes place


         in my pocket


English - Free Philosophy


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I wrote my first Book of Love. Like I try my second chance of Life. I also have in today's times the idea, still not lost, that it is a vocation for me, and it's because of that, is a personal way of existence, and this is what it means after all for me to be a writer.


"Some dreams are being in a self is everything being »



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Sea Feathered Leave



Sea Feathered Leave

English - Free Philosophy


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I decided to write a second Book about Love, thanks to a diverse life.
Who does his duty? Whether an avalanche breaks out depends on whether a single snowflake falls more, a tiny little snowflake, or a tiny little 'yes' instead of a 'no', or a signature that should not have been made. Maybe it's like a hall in a fog, where there are no spectators, no noise, no applause. And sometimes you risk more if you do not take any risks, alone to regain your courage.



ISBN 978-3-7528-6842-5, Paperback, 200 Seiten


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I am a Clairvoyant


I am a Clairvoyant - Socialwork





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We have the world only through language, but through language we have lost the world as well. Seeing people are often lost by critical comments in their jobs. To deny someone their own mental attitude is like let them fall.


What moves people does not belong to anyone alone. It does not seem very plausible and unreasonable, conversely, even nonsensical, to deny the inevitability of the imaginary. The self-observation is due to empathy. Intuition is quick to answer with answers and restores understanding on the ground of affectivity.



ISBN 978-3-7528-2944-0, Paperback, 180 Seiten


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Moonchild - Three past Nine


Moonchild - Three past Nine


English Novel



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She has a quiet confidence, this is a love story. She is modest but strong. She is stable but rebellious. She gives, but not naively. She chooses her fight wisely. She'll stay silent until it's time to fight ... and when that time comes, she's fighting.

The nicest thing about loving a guarded girl is when she lets you in, not because she needs you. She stopped taking people long ago. Because she wants you. And that is the purest love of all.

Do not confuse her gentleness with weakness or timeless grace with vulnerability. She has drawn broken arrows from her own heart and used her sharp edges to pave the way for a new dawn as she bleeds through her dreams of life.



ISBN 978-3-7481-4216-4, Paperback, 132 Seiten


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From "Cat-Hound" straight to "Colorful Hutts"


"From "Cat-Hound"


straight to "Colorful Hutts"

English Novel



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This story shows that the village community also means cohabitation. By no means, only the capitalists alone have said that. Being in the wild together means you have no choice. It always just goes on by seeing it together. In my tenth novel, as is often the case before, there are young people who get into their lives and start walking a rocky path all by themselves.


But life shows paradise to all of them, if they just open up and walk on it.

Young people know about it. You are my life, you are my love.

You feel like you carry me through these times. I miss you.

I love you ...To understand things, you have to take them apart.

You have to see people as a whole.

The difference is a part of the pleasure of deluding oneself.


Rather rational and homogeneous instead of empty of content and hollow. Empty are cloudy cups that are not among my friends. Abuse in its purest form usually starts with the parents. There is no crime like disgust. No fire like passion. No grief like separation. No illness like hunger, and no pleasure like the pleasure of freedom.



ISBN 978-3-7494-7071-6, Paperback, 128 Seiten


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Love is the Winner !


Love is the Winner !

English Novel



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Surrealism is, if a German woman is sentenced to quarter for the Art,

to sing a love song, for raising children's and raising skirts,

she had to put up with their opinion, that no one is friends with her in real,

living lifelong, that you explain her, Germans, did not deserve true love,

better to get a picture of those, who decide to go into inaction,

constantly trying to make a fire, and wait to see if she's going to be bothered

those ones who are always thought as friends, to benefit from her Art for free,

who only come out as choleric, to take revenge on her for the unlived life,

who would like to attach this to the German woman, because own parents show no love.


Nightingale I hear You sing …

It was as if you said it ~~ They do not move as if they were twists,

as if humans were always true, only false in your eyes.


You have to get to the point where your mood

doesn't shift based on the insignificant actions of someone else.



ISBN 978-3-7504-0645-2, Paperback, 124 Seiten


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Autumn Leaves - Sun & Shingle


 Autumn Leaves


Sun & Shingle


English Novel



12,99 €



I join you in the idea of a return to the simplest things that life offers us and teach us every day to be in harmony with the sensitive. I wish you, my best wishes, joy and happiness, to you, and to all those who are dear to your heart.


Some wonder because there are people live in a colored dream.


Some others do greet the dawn as life's beginning between black and light. Some can't climb a mountain,because they're missing their legs. Some are crying, with a mouth shut up, but with an almost bursting heart.


Some ask 'Why' all their life and walk alone,until ...

... one understands, sends a feeling, that makes world stand still.

That made the weight a bit lighter, makes it crying out with a friend from then,

because tears are missing. If some let others be alive, the tragedy of life will end...



ISBN 978-3-74607512-9, Paperback, 140 Seiten


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Friend of the Mountains


Friend of the Mountains


English Novel



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Who has compassion, does not force a dodge.

He who has compassion is benevolent in anger.

He has all the teachings, knows what he befriends,

not to trust the one who becomes the dear speech around the friend.

He keeps things up until he finishes.

He keeps off the enemy, not his own Buddha in his hands.

Without compassion one is more profane than worldly people.
Yet to live with reality and to follow these things,

which are like a normal everyday life,

shows, for a short time, those who have remained in existence

to achieve what they are in their minds.

Even for the void you need compassion. It is a wish fulfilling gift.



ISBN 978-3-74607519-8, Paperback, 148 Seiten


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She's my Ebony and Ivory !


She's my Ebony


               and Ivory


English Novel



12,99 €


Mathematicians invent the ever-existing world and describe it as something compact on the basis of the formulas. Engineers just approach the laws and try to put them into practice, with simplified equations that approximate by exchanging some precision for more practicality - following the 'approach' is 'just enough' that brings us to Mars.


In the north, people meet mentally, if at all. If there is one among them who gets dirty, no one helped. But to tell a fantastic story needed a good mind.



ISBN 978-3-74607526-6, Paperback, 120 Seiten


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Elves Land of Tingling Necks


Elves Land 


of Tingling Necks


English Novel



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The woman who sees herself in front of the mirror. She knows her true face and feels again this fear that the other is probably smarter. She hates that way of moving, that laugh that touched everyone. She feels inferior and disturbed by her. She has the goal, she will destroy this woman in her very own way.


But one day You will discover her, and then the sister's game is over.


Then world is for a little moment - again free !
The intriguing weakness graced that she knew about freedom of action.


Not the freedom of self-perception, because her actual education corresponded to the formation of property. This little denying sister would be like having a name...


Then she would not be my sister, just a scar.



ISBN 978-3-74609853-1, Paperback,  132 Seiten


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Fly Sweet Bird Fly


Fly !


Sweet Bird Fly !


English Criminalistic Novel



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Here, a commissioner is working with the new department on a case in an attitude that has a lot of tact and psychology. Commissar Dare works the way that every day and every night offers a chance to solve his case in the style you can muster. A woman had made a Noah's Ark, which soon afterwards was her ruin and her whole life added. The case proves how to deal with Heaviness, with ease, and there is always one last chance to meet life again. The nature of man has made him an individual. 


Nature has no plan with her spelling, but she pursues the strategy of showing love, lies and lukewarm feelings of people, not going the shorter, but the more beautiful way.



ISBN 978-3-7528-1344-9, Paperback, 128 Seiten


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New Land around the Lakes


 New Land


around the Lakes


English Novel



12,99 €


Reality and poetry - almost solid enough for the idea, light enough to cover me, to liberate the idea, the meaning of love, that I say, it does not just exist in my head.
Words, they touched me with their rhyme, and excited me in my holes of lust. I'm so weak when love teased my lips, it just let me rain in your orchids ... and made me shine like I'm on grapes ...
She left her parents' house, which she had left in her mind since childhood, and finally met her own reality, and how life really was.
The girl shed light on what home really meant, relationship or new life experiences. She told herself that life was just a big flea market, and yet it had served its purpose and trust in other people.



ISBN 978-3-7528-3393-5, Paperback, 120 Seiten


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Lilleby Blues


Lilleby Blues


English Criminalistic Novel



12,99 €


A story that could have happened anywhere. But it takes place here, in the small town of Schleswig, located on the northern edge of Germany. The figures are fictional.
A city steeped in the history of royal houses, Vikings, wars against the Danes, and a place in the midst of a province that can barely call itself a city. Although many of the residents in dialects such as Frisian, Plattdüttsch and Danish, German, English or in many other European fussing open their mouths here. But there come real treasures from afar, such as the apples from the old country, the spices from the Orient, the chocolate from Switzerland and the best cheese still from France. People here always wanted to own the best land, the largest dairy cows, the largest greenhouses, the oldest cabinets in the foyer of their remaining farm or the strongest mothers of their children.



ISBN 978-3-7528-5141-0, Paperback, 132 Seiten


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Dancing Star


Dancing Star


English Novel



12,99 €



You can often fall in love with a life. It always feels like being part of someone. One man once came up with the idea of returning to his native village on his horse. So he rode home. When he arrived, the horse said to him,

 'You do not need me anymore. Then I could go.'

He answered,

'No, that can not be done because we have grown together in some way. And I can no longer explain to myself which part of me and which part concerns you. So I can not say which part I should let go of you.'


Sometimes a part of man becomes an animal, and he can no longer tell how many parts he thinks and acts - like a human being or more than one animal. I let my lyrics flow while seeing what they are burying under their shovel. I did not even want to sit on it. I would prefer to find someone, who speaks to me and spends a long time, laying his coat at my feet. Loved by the romantic charm, I would enjoy dressing out in front of him.



 ISBN 978-3-7528-5951-5, Paperback, 128 Seiten


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Little Wolf



Little Wolf I


Book of Love



28,99 €


I love these kind of Indian Love Stories. They were called the Three Sisters. Iroquois myths tell of three beautiful girls who often walked in the moonshine around the fields in the neighbourhood. The Mohawk women planted the corn kernels in holes they dug into the ground with digging sticks. When the seeds were germinated, they piled up around the base of the young straws soil to deter pests. Then they planted beans, the shoots of which climbed upwards against the maize stalks, towards the sun. Sometimes Squash was cultivated in between, its broad, shady leaves keeping the ground moist.


I could tell you about good food of the Indians.


You should try their venison with maple syrup and apple cider vinegar. They also make good fish soup or baked beans with maple syrup, molasses and bacon. I also know to rave about good watercress salad or succotash in the style of mohawk. Their women make excellent hazelnut, corn or wild rice cake ... I am running wild to my American Lover and My Native Man. He knows good kitchen. I tell you, when I start talking about it, my mouth is watering !



ISBN 978-3-7481-9391-3, Paperback, 260 Seiten


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Little Wolf II


Little Wolf II


Book of Love



28,99 €


In the ancient tradition of the Algonquian and Iroquois, Powhatan, Chicahominiy and Cherkokee always had a cauldron of soup or stew over the fire in case guests arrived unexpectedly. In the delicious soups, however, the ingredients ultimately focused on what leftovers to use. It combined game - mostly squirrels, rabbits or turkey with corn, beans and tomatoes and tasty spices.



My Smalltalk with my special friend he was in NY Mountains. Certainly it should be because children are sponges and learn sensitivity to the beauty at a speed in times higher than adults. I think a couple of hours a week of education right from elementary to high school can form a good background for those who start will then continue to grow independently that for which an individual is brought.



ISBN 978-3-7386-0726-0, Paperback, 240 Seiten


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Little Wolf III


Little Wolf III


Book of Love



28,99 €



I am one who has come to true love in the last third of their lives. First of all almost broken in my life, I found myself based on the fact much later discovering that experience with love and broken heart I remained inside, open to love, and chance was no longer a coincidence, and exactly the right opposite of me feels addressed, and he knew before that he would probably fall out of sight.


It is a voluntary matter, and nobody can foresee when that will be the case !


In this episode which is gallant my third conversation.


It will be an ending story, because only I was connected to a wonderful person. Whose heart feels just as connected as a lonly wolf, not to get lost and to require attention. It's hard at first to endure this spatial distance, but it feels like over time. I go in it and check every now and then to bridge lonely moments. A challenge and quite normal life as it is !



ISBN 978-3-7494-8105-7, Paperback, 220 Seiten


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ISBN 978-3-7481-2681-2, zum Preis von 10,99 €




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Little Wolf IV - About my Love



Little Wolf IV


Book of Love



28,99 €



'Everything seemed fine today. It looked like you did not sit in it. See the world with your own eyes, see how you are. See your movement and see how you smell.

This first gives you the ability to meet others. That's how it looks from the outside.

But you are not in it. A silence comes out of me. I love you, just out of my way.

I know all about you and still love you. And I learned some other things, and came to your house, a few years later, I just pissed on you. Well forgive me, it just came out of me.'



ISBN 978-3-7504-2624-5, Paperback, 220 Seiten


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About my Love - Little Wolf V



Little Wolf V


Book of Love



28,99 €



The Eagle doesn't fight with the snake on the ground. It takes the snake to the sky,

changes the battlefield. The snake has no resistance, power & no balance in the air.

On its ground the snake is powerful & deadly, but in the air it is useless, weak & vulnerable.

I won't be the Ant, and I won't fly with the Crow, but like an Eagle I will fly in Love !


I thought with each one of my own books getting ready ... I found out own craft.

But then I noticed, that is a school of life, a piece of art, that had never an end,

so something built with craft is a peace of art you hold in your hands at a time,

but books writing is just climbing the hill, and after finish you are forced to walk down

the valley again and start from a new, what is different to craft !



ISBN 978-3-7528-8092-2, Paperback, 192 Seiten

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ISBN 978-3-7504-3944-3, zum Preis von 10,99 € !